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In process of producing we are using many technologies that we successfully keep upgrading to get final products of a high quality. In particular we use:
Founding – technology consisting in heating of the metal which melts and pouring into a mould. In this process we use metal (alloy of zinc and aluminum or alloy of copper and aluminum) which thanks machine using of centrifugal force with the perfection fits to the form, reaching the perfect structure of the product.
Metal spinning – also known as spin forming or spinning, is a metalworking process by which a disc or tube of metal is rotated at high speed and formed into an axially symmetric part. In this type of process we use aluminum and stainless steel.
Powder lacquered – technology consisting in painting using color powders which in the process of heating and electrostatic filling are arranged on the metal. This kind of technology doesn’t use solvent (liquid capable of dissolving others substances), which exist in must kinds of paints (except powder ones), it makes him more friendly to environment.
Additionally we use non ferrous metal casting, nickel-plating, mould rubber vulcanization, brass plating, brass, brass metal-sheet, steel metal-sheet.
Human and technology is a constant symbiosis, therefore we make this relationship most effective and friendly to workers, society and environment.

Created by: Centrum Nowej Technologii